Services we offer

  • Seller’s settlements
    • Time is of the essence with any contract but particularly so when buying or selling a property. We understand that this may be the first property you have sold and the procedures may be foreign to you. We will assist you with the entire process involved in the change of ownership from title searching to attending settlement.

  • Buyer’s settlements
    • As is the case when selling a property, time is of the essence when buying a property. It can be a daunting task knowing what to do and when to do it. We will work for you in having the necessary documents ready for you and your financier and will liaise with them to ensure a easy, smooth transition.

  • Amalgamation of Titles
    • This does not occur often but should you be in the position where you own two properties side by side and wish to amalgamate these titles – we can help.

  • Title Searching
    • So you need to know who owns a property or you’d like to find out what is registered on your Title deed – contact us!

  • Sub-division applications
    • Sub-dividing a property can be an onerous task and one best completed with a Settlement Agent to assist you. We have a wealth of experience in handling these applications.

  • Application for change of name
    • Married? Changed your name by deed poll? You would like it changed on your Certificate of Title – we can help.

  • Transfers between parties
    • Should you be going through a divorce or you would like to transfer your property to a relative or friend we can prepare the necessary documentation and advise you regarding the stamp duty payable.

  • Survivorship Applications
    • If you have unfortunately lost your partner and his/her name is on the certificate of title we can assist you in making the necessary changes.
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