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Homebuyers and investors are wise to consider several aspects prior to purchasing property. Apart from the property itself, it is useful to be armed with information about other factors, such as the certificate of title and the sales history of the suburb in which the property is located.

Landgate’s Property Finder, which was launched at this year’s WA on Show, not only allows people to get a clear bird’s eye view of their property, it is also a one-stop shop for prospective buyers looking to do much of their relevant “homework” online prior to signing on the dotted line.

It is this online access to such property-related information and products and the clarity of images, which make Property Finder truly unique in its field.

Landgate’s Information Access Executive Director Mike Bradford said Property Finder could be considered WA’s own version of the popular Google Maps because of the high quality aerial imagery it offers. (Basic searching and viewing is free of charge). “It has a higher resolution than other services currently on the market, making it easier to distinguish various components of the image,” he said. In fact, users can zoom in to provide a close-up view of properties and still maintain a high quality image. This is because Property Finder uses aerial rather than satellite imagery. “Essentially, Property Finder is a combination of high resolution maps and aerial imagery that allows users to view properties or places of interest at the click of a button,” Mr Bradford said. “For example, people can use Property Finder to see their own homes, search for vacant blocks or check out suburbs they may be thinking of purchasing property in. “Once you’ve found a property you’re interested in, you can use the links to get information on the title, or find out how much the property sold for when it was last on the market.” Property Finder is user-friendly, even accessible to the computer novice. Mr Bradford said Property Finder was another example of Landgate making it easier for the public when it came to accessing property-related information.

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